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managing your fleet and repairs.


Energy Work- Shamanic Reiki

Powerful 1 hour In Person or Distance Energy Work Session (Via Skype) with JD. You will have JD's undivided attention as he gently transmits Universal Life Force Energy in combination with his own spiritual energy to provide an extremely potent energetic exchange! This service balances and aligns all 7 main energy centers or "chakras," and also attention to another vital chakra located on the back side of the neck at the base of the skull known as "The Mouth of God" . This chakra is paramount in projecting one's own energy outward and for the most potent manifesting! 

 This service can assist in relieving aches and pains, depression, fatigue, and promoting an overall sense of health and well being! These aspects are vital in our lives, as when we feel good, everything in this world shines that much brighter......Including You! 

   Package includes 45 minute energy work session & 15 minute post session recap to discuss any intuitive hits that may have come to JD during the session. Also includes a 1 card draw from the Ascended Masters Oracle Card Deck as an Added Bonus!

                   Book Your 1 on 1 session with JD Today!

*Sessions​ can also be provided via telephone or absentee 

1hr Shamanic Reiki Energy Work Session